Marriages – Kitsune – 79%

Kitsune cover art

Marriages is a relatively new side project featuring two members from Red Sparowes. Released in May on Sargent House Records, “Kitsune” is their debut release and is 6 songs over 26 minutes. Being a huge Red Sparowes fan, I have high expectations from 2 of the masterminds of the band that has given us behemoth albums like “At the Soundless Dawn” and “The Far is Excruciating…”

Upon pressing play we’re presented a much different sound nothing remotely like Red Sparowes. Heavy layers of distortion flood the ears from the opening seconds and the album never looks back. The vocals found within the opening track “Ride in My Place” are full of despair and compliment the rest of the track. A Natural transition into “Body of Shade” makes the two tracks feel more like one. This track brings the levels down to a moody ambient vibe as deep bass fills the lower areas of the mix. That doesn’t last long however as the song has a big finish as drum fills begin to roll as the guitar levels increase.

The intro to “Ten Tiny fingers” has all the makings of sounding more like a shoegaze track than a post-rock track. The vocals on this whole album are absolutely fantastic, as is the guitar work. It’s easy to let yourself get wrapped up listening to just one layer at a time while tuning out a multitude of layers around you. “Pelt” is an absolutely mind bending track that has an insanely catchy rhythmic layer amongst a field of distortion.

Continuing the albums almost perfect synergy, “White Shape” is next and after a quick bass intro we’re treated to sludge metal esque groove that sounds eerily similar to the band 5ive’s . Fantastic guitar tones lead the way until the song comes to snails pace slowdown. My only complaint here is that this track is far too good to be as short as it is. The album comes to a close with “Part the Dark Again” which slowly builds upon clean guitar work and vocals until distortion guitars and cymbals find their way into the mix. The front sounding vocals sound glorious and this track feels expansive and huge.

Kitsune” gives Marriages a lot of angles to work with as it displays elements of post-rock, shoegaze, drone and sludge-metal. The end result is a solid album from a young band still developing their sound. Marriages is a band that firmly stands on its own two feet and is as far from just being an extension of Red Sparowes as it gets.

Available for $5 on bandcamp: