Miroist – The Pledge EP – 95%

The Pledge cover art
Miroist is a djent/prog metal band based in London who’s influences include the likes of Cloudkicker, Meshuggah, Mogwai and Boards of Canada. The Pledge is their debut effort and is completely self funded as most smaller releases tend to be. at 20 minutes over 3 tracks. I’ve prepped my ears for the djent goodness that lies ahead.

The intro track certainly does not disappoint as wickedly aggressive guitars pierce through the channels of my headphones from the opening seconds. The thing that really sets Miroist apart from other prog-metal bands is the deep layers of electronics underneath the guitar layers. It really adds a new dimension to the mix as guitars violently shine in all their palm muting glory. The second track, “Schopenhauer’s Fallacy” takes a different approach by pacing itself with a slower intro. That doesn’t last very long however as the track is quickly at full steam with beautifully layered guitars quickly leading the way. Guitar work is absolutely masterful as they put on an absolute clinic in this short but sweet EP. The third track “He Had Been Old in the Beginning; But He Was Saved” continues the intense pace but feels like the real winner here. The guitar work is so perfectly in tune and balanced with the drumming the two feel like one at times. The second effort finish to this track is easily my favorite part of the EP.

I can’t even begin to tell you how refined this EP sounds. If you were to take the much older work of Cloudkicker and give it the type of craftsmanship found on “Weightless” by Animals As Leaders and throw them in a blender, you’d end up with something strangely close to Miroist. If you’re really pissed off or you are desperately seeking something loud, give Miroist a few dollars, turn your speakers or headphones up to the loudest point you can physically handle and let The Pledge beat your ears into oblivion for 20 minutes. This is a must listen to EP of 2012. 9-13-12

Pay what you want on bandcamp: http://miroist.bandcamp.com/