Versa – Common Things EP – 79%

Common Things EP cover art
Currently unsigned, the British Columbia based post-rock/indie band Versa features 6 members with several others filling in on percussion. With two full lengths under their belt, Common Things is their latest offering, clocking in at 18 minutes over 4 tracks.

The album begins with the title track that is a laid back number featuring vocals of the indie-styling. They’re not my particular cup of tea but the rest of the track is twinkly, upbeat and extremely enjoyable. Prominent bass does a superb job complimenting string instruments and the guitar work is solid too in its limited at times role. In the next track, “Love-In-Idleness” bass and piano synergize perfectly as drums rhythmically lead the way. The strong Violin work (I believe they’re violins anyways) gives the track somber energy and life.

“Lantern Season” feels like a true post-rock track with its minimalist intro that quickly builds upon itself becoming an upbeat yet gentle track with a very chill and moody vibe. It’s my favorite track on the short EP and was actually the track that helped me discover the band in the first place. Finally, “Flew the Coup” closes out the album with an excellent mesh of layered guitars and string instruments taking a backseat to indie vocals. This track ends in a violent collision of sounds and layers as trumpets (again, I think trumpets?), drums and static build endlessly before finally coming together as one in a strong finish.

I feel like this is the sort of EP that is beyond my expertise. I’ve never been much of an indie fan so the indie vocals in two of the tracks were a real turn off to me. That being said, the more ambient post-rock side of the EP is excellent, especially the percussion instruments which are a real treat. What really caught me off guard was that this EP is somewhat quiet compared to their two full lengths. As a self recorded and produced effort this EP sounds outright fantastic. I’m glad the band maintained their same standards on this release as their previous two releases. All in all a solid release that should appeal to both post-rockers and indie fans. 9/11/12

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