Magnetoscop. – Une Fleur Dans Le Goudron – 82%

Formed in 2010, Magnetoscop. is a band whose sound is forged on dark overtones and haunting passages of bleak emotion packed nothingness. Their latest album, “Un Fleur Dans Le Goudon” is a mysterious orchestra of emotion, interweaving distortion guitars that hum in despair with ghostly piano segments. I’ve listened to this album nearly half a […]

A Call to Arms! is seeking writers!

When began nearly 3 months ago it started off as a small blog that would serve host to my ramblings and thoughts on post-rock and non post-rock albums. There were no intentions of helping expose smaller bands and there were no standards of quality to adhere to. It was simply one man doing his […]

Review Round Up #4

té – Oto no Naka no ‘Keiren Teki’ na Bi wa, Kannen wo Koe Nikutai ni Otozureru Yasei no Senritsu EP – 80% Japanese post/math-rockers Té are explosive and aggressive in this EP which features 3 new tracks and a live show recorded earlier this year. Bold, heavy and rhythmic would best describe the three […]

North – The Great Silence – 87%

(IamHop note: Please welcome longtime friend Erich B. Heider to the Postrockstar family! Erich will be lending his ears and offering his insight for the foreseeable future in an effort to help bring fresh opinions, critiques and writing to the site. Erich will be handling most of the post-metal, sludge and shoegaze content that comes […]

Pray for Sound – Monophonic EP – 87%

“Monophonic” is the debut EP of Pray for Sound, a solo project from Massachusetts. In an interesting twist of affairs, the EP is partly result of hearing loss sustained by Bruce Malley (aka Pray for Sound), who used his medical struggles and hearing loss as inspiration to channel his creative and emotional sides while creating […]

Collapse Under The Empire – Fragments of a Prayer – 95%

Collapse Under the Empire’s meteoric rise to the top of the post-rock genre can be compared simply to the way a NASA shuttle launches into space. From humble beginnings of “systembreakdown” in 2008 to last year’s monumental “Shoulders & Giants”, my favorite post-rock album of 2011, the German duo have ascended at a rapid pace, […]

Underground Cities – Arcosanti – 93%

“Arcosanti” is Underground Cities follow-up album to their 2010 debut “The Dalliance Album.” The Arizona four piece formed in 2008 bring a more straight forward post-rock sound to the table. “Arcosanti” is 46 minutes over eight tracks and starts strong with “Early Birds”, a fun track with acentric drumming and beautifully layered guitar textures. “Made […]

Review Roundup #3

Toe – The Future is Now EP – 82% Japanese post/math rocker’s TOE are back with their latest release “The Future is  Now.” This is their latest release to 2009’s album “For Long Tomorrow” and is quite  short clocking in at just under 16 minutes over four tracks. Typical quirky and fun math rock blended […]

Marriages – Kitsune – 79%

Marriages is a relatively new side project featuring two members from Red Sparowes. Released in May on Sargent House Records, “Kitsune” is their debut release and is 6 songs over 26 minutes. Being a huge Red Sparowes fan, I have high expectations from 2 of the masterminds of the band that has given us behemoth […]