We Used to Have Horses – “Landscapes..” – 81%, “..Fly” – 82% and “The World..” – 86%

We Used to Have Horses is the laid back instrumental project of Niall Jones from Worchester, England. With workhorse mentality, He has already released 2 EP’s and an album in the first four months of the year and has no plans on stopping.  Without further ado, let’s get into the albums. Landscapes We Can Only […]

Good Weather For An Airstrike – This is as Good a Place as Any – 78%

“This Is As Good a Place As Any” is a short EP by Good Weather For An Airstrike, a one-man project from Winchester, UK. This 3 track EP, which is really one 12 minute long track and 2 extremely short tracks, is a tribute to his wife. I wouldn’t exactly call this post-rock, it’s more […]

Cloudkicker – Fade – 98%

Words cannot express my love for the music that Ben Sharp creates. In the four years since he first released “The Discovery” he has single-handedly created a scope of work that most artists can only dream of. When your discography is so vast that your fans cannot decide on what your “best” work is, you’re […]

Anatomy of the Bear- Anatomy of the Bear – 80%

Anatomy of the Bear is a band composed of two friends who without question have a deep love for ambient style music. Their previous release, “Awakening” was a fantastic effort that was on the more electronic side of the genre with qualities similar to bands such as The American Dollar and The Album Leaf. They’re […]