Marché La Void – The Origin of Non-Entity – 80%

The Origin of Non-Entity cover art
Marché La Void is a nearly 10-year-old band hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia. Originally a 3 piece, the band is now six members strong and just released their first full length album, “The Origin of Non-Entity” following their 2007 EP and 2005 demo. The great thing about Post-Rock is that it is a universal language and allows us to discover and appreciate great bands from far away countries.

The album opens with some ear-piercing haunting music that sounds like it is being played out of a vintage all-in-one radio system. “Silent War” draws in the listener with a soothing and slow piano segment before slowly snowballing down the hill into intensity as a string instrument, drums and guitar find their way into the mix. The song is highly atmospheric and a bit quirky at times. I highly enjoy the band’s use of samples in that they make it the main focus while the song basically comes to a standstill. “Display of Power” is more the same with great synergy to the previous track and brings more straight forward 3rd wave post-rock to the table, forgoing some of the experimentation found in the last track.

“As We Progress Marching” has a very intriguing intro that captures my attention more so then any other on the album. This album as a whole is very well textured with rich tones and sounds darting in an out of the mix. I also have to give praise to the keyboards found throughout the album for the way they at times assert dominance over the guitars as the focal instrument. Just off the top of my head, their keyboard work is very reminiscent of Collapse Under The Empire’s work on their last album. “For a moment, Silence” has yet another fantastic use of an interesting sample that really meshes with the bleak outlook the album has presented. Guitars wail in despair throughout much of the album. The album closes with “Serenity,” the longest track on the album that has a decent slow burn build up for over 11 minutes before finally peaking. Again, this track is very experimental and atmospheric but couldn’t hold my interest for the full nearly 13 minutes.

And that’s really this album’s only major downfall. I commend any band for experimenting and trying to separate themselves from the pack, but sometimes the experimentation is a little too quirky or out there for me. Tracks are sometimes too slow or too long and they are all too similar sounding. I found myself far more into the first half of the album because the second half just sounded far too similar to what I had already heard. Aside from that, the album has excellent mixing and mastering and the band has an original sound that I think a lot of people should enjoy. 8-16-12

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