No reviews for the next few days — Broken headphone cable :(

Unfortunately tonight my audiophile Hi-Fi setup suffered a tragedy when my HiFiMan HE-500 cable suffered a glorious death when one of the cables broke at the connector pin. Because HiFiMan has their own special connectors, this means I can’t just run out to any audio store and pick up a new cable and will have to order one from Head-Direct.  I use these headphones to review all of the releases on this site and refuse to use my stock iphone earbuds to write reviews in the meantime. The downside to being an audiophile is that you get so accustom to quality that music isn’t nearly enjoyable unless it is coming from your personal setup.  Fear not, I’ll have the cable replaced in no time and the reviews will once again pour in at the frantic pace you’ve come to expect as I continue to trudge through the backlog of 2012 releases. In the meantime, since I can’t really write any reviews, I’ll run down my hifi setup for those interested in that kind of nerdy stuff.


HIFIMAN HE -500 headphones

These cans are absolutely amazing and by far my favorite open headphones I’ve ever owned. I had Sennheiser HD650’s once and these just blow them away at every level. I really enjoy the sound signature of HiFiMan headphones and the bass is refined yet crisp with these and the highs and mids are extremely separated among the large soundstage. I got these for an absolute steal of a price at $550 after originally buying the first wave of HE-400’s that were defective and receiving a nice discount from the company on the step-up upgrade. Previously I had been using AKG K271 MK II’s , a closed can that allowed me to listen to music as loud as I wanted at work. I don’t think I could ever go back to closed cans after experience these bad boys.


Schitt Asgard

I bought this amp after it received stellar reviews. I think that this amp perfectly compliments the HE-500’s and doesn’t interfere with their sound signature. The performance is phenomenal and the build quality is rock solid. It’s well worth every penny. I’m pretty sold on Schitt’s audio performance and my next purchase will definitely be their Bitfrost DAC

HRT Music Streamer II

Of course with all this high quality audio gear there was no way in hell I was going to plug my amp into my PC via 3.5mm and soundcards are a pain in the ass when you don’t know what you’re doing when you open up a computer case.  The HRT Music Streamer II connects to your PC through USB to provide audio quality at an unparalleled level.  Best of all it supports 24-bit 96khz natively in all it’s glory.

Media Monkey 4.0.1

This little media player has everything I could ever ask for. Highly customizable? Check. Supports large music collections? check. Auto-scans collection on startup? check. Scrobbles to Check. Great equalizer (even though I listen to everything flat)? Check. Native FLAC support? check. It’s really simple. Stop using Itunes or Windows Media Player and get Media Monkey now!