Good Weather For An Airstrike – This is as Good a Place as Any – 78%

This Is As Good A Place As Any cover art

“This Is As Good a Place As Any” is a short EP by Good Weather For An Airstrike, a one-man project from Winchester, UK. This 3 track EP, which is really one 12 minute long track and 2 extremely short tracks, is a tribute to his wife. I wouldn’t exactly call this post-rock, it’s more relaxed ambiant-drone, but it’s extremely beautiful music nonetheless. The nature field recordings are blissful among the drone-ish sounds which crawl along at a snail’s pace. I think it’s always good to have a few albums like this in your collection, its perfect music for background noise that doesn’t require deep attention to appreciate. “Goodnight, Boogaloo” is a fantastic track that utilizes sample among very elegant and spacious guitar work. This 17 minute EP is a fantastic spot to get started on the Good Weather for Airstrikes catalog. 8-7-12

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