Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment – 78%

Not Post-rock. I’ve been a fan of Turbonegro for a little while now and was surprised to see this release come out given that they hadn’t done anything in 5 years album wise. Before going any further, I’m going to point out that this band is NOT racist. The band name stands for “Fast and […]

X Suns – X Suns – 85%

X (Ten) Suns is an unsigned band hailing from my hometown of Seattle, Washington. I’m actually kind of surprised I haven’t managed to catch a show of theirs yet but that should change given how much I really enjoyed this album. The band has received solid praise from local publications since releasing the album so […]

Lights Out Asia – Hy-Brasil – 83%

“Hy-Brasil” is the latest effort from Milwaukee post-rockers Lights Out Asia. The three-piece has put out some very solid releases that teeter on the more electronic side of the genre. Topping out at over 70 minutes, Hy-Brasil is 12 more tracks of electronic beat filled epic build ups and ambiance. One thing that really sets […]

Agalloch – Faustian Echoes – 83%

There are few bands that are able to pull off songs that eclipse the 20 minute mark without losing my interest. My first forray into 20 minute epics was Rush’s “2112”. Then it was Dream Theater’s “A Change of Seasons”. Of course Opeth had their “Black Rose Immortal” and Pelican wowed us with “March into […]

The End of the Ocean – In Excelsis [EP] – 97%

If you weren’t aware the post-rock hotbed for America can be found in Columbus, OH. Not only is Columbus home to some guy named Ben Sharp (Cloudkicker), it’s also home to The End of the Ocean. The End of the Ocean are quite unlike any other post-rock band you’ve ever heard. Not because they feature […]

Ninth Moon Black – Chronophage – 92%

Ninth Moon Black are an experimental/psychedelic post-metal band from Eugene, OR that are currently unsigned. Their songs are more like journeys than simply tracks on an album. The song writing process for this band is clearly deep and all of their songs are well planned and seem to have purpose. Their sound is raw, powerful […]

Fire Spoken By the Buffalo – Air Your Grievance EP – 68%

Last year these guys released “Hiatus” which was an absolutely brilliant album so to see them back with another EP so soon is a real treat. FSBTB have a very unique third wave post-rock sound with a hint of math-rock influences. In the first track “Mold of the Earth” we’re treated to the great high […]

Earth Science – In Arcadia – 80%

I was a pretty big fan of Earth Science’s EP “Flares” so I was very happy to see them with a new album out. Even though it features two songs off of Flares, In Arcadia clocks in at over 50 minutes of post-rock goodness. Earth Science is a fun post-rock band. They have to be […]

Greenhouse – Never Look Back – 85%

I didn’t know much about this band prior to checking them out so before listening to this album I did a little research. Greenhouse is the work of two musicians from Denton, Texas who are releasing their first length album on Globe Garage Records. The album starts with a really laid back vibe with some […]

Képzelt Város – Hélium – 88%

Hélium is the latest effort from Képzelt Város, a six piece group from Hungary. This album is quite unlike any other album I’ve heard this year to be quite honest. In the first track I’m immediately driven to the lifeful tones of both the guitar and cello. The drums are very open and airful as […]