X Suns – X Suns – 85%

X Suns cover art
X (Ten) Suns is an unsigned band hailing from my hometown of Seattle, Washington. I’m actually kind of surprised I haven’t managed to catch a show of theirs yet but that should change given how much I really enjoyed this album. The band has received solid praise from local publications since releasing the album so I’m actually surprised that I had to discover them through another band’s suggestion page on bandcamp.

The album kicks off with “In Irons”, a very chill and relaxing track that really sets the table for what you can expect from the rest of the album. The mix is absolutely phenomenal. The upfront drums sound amazing and you can hear every single beat and cymbal crash. I really respect that the cymbals aren’t overpowering just for the sake of driving up the intensity of the tracks, a regular occurrence that so many post-rock bands find themselves guilty of. The guitar is moody and brooding, producing huge sounding and well textured riffs that would best be described as post-rock inspired riffs mixed with stoner/doom influenced tones.

I think the most interesting track is by far “Lion Cave” which has a strong math rock pacing and feel but still retains much of X Suns sound. The drumming is super solid and on-point and guitar just kind of floats throughout the track brilliantly. The album is rounded out by a couple of live tracks that sound like they were taken directly from a soundboard. I’m always iffy on when bands include live tracks on their album but these two tracks fit well here and being an independent release, their inclusion is understandable. This album is well worth checking out. X Suns are a fine band to be representing Seattle in the post-rock genre!

Pay what you want on bandcamp: http://xsuns.bandcamp.com/album/x-suns