Lights Out Asia – Hy-Brasil – 83%
“Hy-Brasil” is the latest effort from Milwaukee post-rockers Lights Out Asia. The three-piece has put out some very solid releases that teeter on the more electronic side of the genre. Topping out at over 70 minutes, Hy-Brasil is 12 more tracks of electronic beat filled epic build ups and ambiance. One thing that really sets this band apart from other bands who come from the electronic side of post-rock is that Lights Out Asia’s vocals tend to be used as just another layer to their sound and are often times lost amongst the walls of sound.

The intensity of this album hits hard and by surprise in the opening track “The Eye of All Storms.” LOA does a really great job of transitioning their slower sensual side with their more intense passages. Generally, whenever the electronic beats/drums kicks in is when you can expect things to get heavy quickly. At times I can definitely hear the down tempo influence but my mind refuses to let me think that this band is anything but down tempo given the sheer intensity and loudness of this album. Some of the heavier tracks, like “Angels Without Hands” even manage to cross into post-metal territory in terms of raw intensity. The guitar is glorious and the tones are just beautiful when it’s not being pushed down so far into the mix that it becomes overshadowed by everything else that is going on. The bass could be thicker in places to better fill the low areas of the mix as well but that’s just a personal preference more than a complaint.

The tracks have pretty good synergy with one another and the ambient factor is really off the charts. I feel like the album is a little *too* ambient. The high notes are definitely ratcheted up to the point where the pitch occasionally hurt my ears. I found myself turning down my amplifier twice throughout my first play through of the album which is a first for any album I’ve reviewed. There wasn’t really an album defining track or a particular track that stood out to me either. LOA have created a very consistent album here that should please both post-rock and electronic fans alike. Another solid addition to the Lights Out Asia catalog. 7-16-12

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