Líam – MMIX – 81%

Líam come to us from Germany and I have to be honest, I know absolutely nothing about this band. Obviously I am slacking at my job as a reviewer as I have none of their prior work. MMix is an eight track effort by the five piece band that was released on bandcamp with a […]

Scott Holmes – “We Used to Paint Stars in the Sky” – 90%

“We Used to Paint Stars in the Sky” is the latest effort by Scott Holmes, a solo artist coming to us from Scotland. A quick glance at his biography will tell you Scott has spent a lifetime surrounded by music but has never been influenced by others. Those two characteristics alone have the ability to […]

Ruined Machines – Celestial Bodies Series Pts 1- 3: “The Sun EP” – 82%, “Mercury EP” – 84%, and “Venus EP” – 79%

Ruined Machines is the brainchild of Joseph Kenyon, a one-man band from New Jersey. “The Sun” is the first in “Celestial Bodies”, a monthly series in which Kenyon is collaborating with artist Michel Brodka to create a Solar System inspired music series with strict deadlines. I’m not quite sure how to approach reviewing this series […]

Caves of Steel – Troposphere/Magnetosphere EP – 85%

Caves of Steel are a four piece from Olso, Norway.  It seems like every other band I review these days are from that region of the world. We all know the music scene in America has gone to the dogs in terms of who is financially successful. Chris Brown and Deadmau5 sell out arenas while […]

Wang Wen – 0.7 – 87%

Wang Wen is a 4-piece from China who have come along way in their 13 years of making music. Some of their discography is a little out there but with each release the band matured into a full-fledged post-rock butterfly. Their 2010 release L & R was by far the best work in their 7 […]

Alcian – 2012 Demo EP – 83%

Alcian are a New York based 4-piece who bring to the table qualities most similar to Collapse Under the Empire. Their 2012 Demo was released in March and is 3 tracks topping 22 minutes in length. “Echoes Across the Sea” is the intro track and shoots out of the gate with crescendo and looping guitar […]

Jakarta Project – Geographic – 83%

The Jakarta Project are still much a mystery as a band as the Russian post-rockers have very little web presence. Even after translating their Russian Lastfm.ru page it is impossible to find out even how many members are in the band. Their Facebook group requires request to join and contains only 20 members as of […]

The Pirate Ship Quintet – Rope for No-Hopers – 85%

The Pirate Ship Quintet set sail from the UK many moons with ago with a crew of simply 5. In place of classic “yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum” pirate songs they bring to the table heavy and dense post-rock featuring non-traditional instruments (trumpet and cello). A follow-up to their 2007 self titled EP, “Rope […]

Joy Wants Eternity – The Fog is Rising – 84%

Representing my home town of Seattle, Joy Wants Eternity have been around nearly 10 years. “The Fog is Rising” is their follow-up to “You Who Pretend to Sleep,” an absolutely mind bending album released back in 2007. A lot tends to happen in a five-year span and the post-rock scene has evolved quite a bit […]

Astralia – Astralia – 95%

Astralia are a 4-piece from Spain who have a very small web presence. After some quick research, they have no website, a bandcamp containing just the album and very little info, a Facebook page you must add as a friend to see, a MySpace (do people still use that?) and a SoundCloud page. The important […]