iLiKETRAiNS – The Shallows – 78%

ILiKEHOW this album starts out with a very 80’s new wave vibe. This album bestows solid synth work, methodically patient pacing and proper vocals littered throughout the tracks. Unfortunately the album is quite bland, most of the songs sound very similar and are void of unique qualities. “We Used to Talk” is easily the best […]

The Samuel Jackson 5 – The Samuel Jackson 5 – 79%

I’m not as polished on my Samuel Jackson 5 knowledge as I should be but I don’t recall there ever being vocals in any SJ5 songs I’ve heard in the past, so the vocals in this album come as a surprise on track 3. The vocals sometimes sound like they belong on a Mars Volta […]

Dragonforce – The Power Within – 83%

If you absolutely hate and can’t stand Dragonforce please stop reading my reviews. This band is so cheesily amazing at what they do. Herman Li is such a boss. After an epic intro we finally hear near vocalist Marc Hudson who has a more traditional singing style when compared to former singer ZP Theart. His […]

Whirr – Pipe Dreams – 84%

Not Post-Rock. Ah yes, the California Shoegazers Whirr, one of the few straight forward shoegaze bands I enjoy. This album starts off very chill yet upbeat with the vocals buried deep in the mix. I really like the vocal effects too, this is how Shoegaze should sound and not have whiny indie vocals upfront like […]

The All American Rejects – Kids in the Street – 68%

Not Post-Rock. This one seems pretty strange to be on this list huh? I gotta be honest, I was never an AAR fan until they put out “When the World Comes Down” which was a just straight up great album from start to finish. Almost halfway through the album and I find it extremely safe, […]

Meshuggah – Koloss – 83%

Not Post-Rock. Another band I have a love-hate relationship with. I either love their stuff, or I hate it. Destroy Erase Improve? Amazing. Some of their 2000’s stuff? Not so much. Right in the opening minute I hate the mix especially that the vocals are so upfront. “The Demon’s Name is Surveillance” would have been […]

Alcest – Les Voyages De L’ame – 89%

I have to be honest, I don’t know much about this french band other than they made the transition from Black Metal to Shoegaze at some point in their career. Bleak guitars mixed with soothing layered vocals that provide a strange mystique has always been a great formula, just ask the likes of Katatonia and […]

Canyons of Static – 2012 Demos EP – 80%

Canyons of Static recently was gracious enough to put this 6-track EP of unreleased demos up for free on their bandcamp page. 4 of the songs are alternative versions and all 6 tracks are not mastered. I have to be completely honest, I like these alternative versions just as much if not more than the […]

What the Blood Revealed – Harbour of Devils – 95%

This album is no nonsense right from the get go and immediately demands your attention. Textured gritty down tuned guitars assault your ears from the very first second onward. The mixing and mastering on this album is phenomenal. The seperation between the guitars and airy drums is something you’ll have to have a good set […]

Three Steps to the Ocean – Scents EP – 82%

Scents is a 30 minute adventure from italian band Three Steps to the Ocean. This album has very detailed electronic inspired textures mixed with keyboard heavy atmospheric soundscapes. Just beautiful sounding drums that build upwards. The second track “Zilco” builds heavy with a sample of what ends up being full scale post-hardcore screaming before the […]