I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Edge Party – 79%

IWFYLS is a 3 piece from Russia that borders on the edge of electronic ambient and post-rock. They are quirky and experimental and intertwine modern concept with their eccentric creativeness really well. Immediately I’m drawn to the electronic drums which are a bit quick for my personal taste. It becomes really noticeable, distracting from the […]

Labirinto – Kadjwynh – 80%

Labirinto, our favorite Brazilian post-rock band’s latest effort Kadjwynh is a 20 minute 4-track EP. The EP bears strong resemblance to Caspian/Collapse Under the Empire style 3rd wave post-rock with a darker, eerier setting. The drums sound spacious and airy, the guitar work is methodical and powering. The sample at the end of the EP […]

Judd Madden – Doom Groove – 87%

I remember checking out this band based just on the cover art of their last album “Drown.” It was a black and white drawing of a bad ass octopus underwater. Doomgroove’s cover is equally as bad ass as now we have the skeleton of a turtle swimming up to the surface. This album is the […]

Chemtrail – Sounds Like Ghosts EP – 84%

Clocking in at almost 25 minutes, Chemtrails latest effort is pretty standard 3rd wave post-rock, heavily influenced by the likes of other 3rd wave giants. According to their bandcamp it’s a collection of songs that were left on the cutting room floor over the last 6 years. It’s very sensual and spacious and the mixing […]

Последние Каникулы – Ромашка – 84%

I’m not even going to try to say that I know anything about this band. Some research tells me that their name roughly translates to “Last Holiday” and that it’s the solo effort of a man called Egor. The album is only 3 very long tracks and is 55 minutes long. The lighter parts are […]

Leech – If We Get There One Day, Would You Please Open The Gates – 95%

I could find very little information about Leech, who hail from Switzerland. While the Swiss may be neutral people, this album is anything but neutral. This nearly 80 minute album begins with a deeply layered mix of static driven guitars complimented by distorted keyboards.Yeah, you heard that right, the keyboards sound just phenomenal. Sounds whiz […]

You Slut! – Medium Bastard – 96%

YS! is one of the very best math rock bands around today. So under-appreciated in almost every aspect. Medium Bastard is just a fun album, the sound staging and mixing are just fantastic. The drums sound airy, the bass is prominent and tight, the riffs are eccentric as always. This album is ridiculously good, like […]

See You in the Morning – Ichi EP- 91%

This is definitely an interesting EP. The lighter parts resemble Cloudkicker’s “Let Yourself Be Huge” at times but out of nowhere Static laced spiraling guitars pierce the ears. Just a wonderful blend of the two in this 4-track 27 minute debut EP from the Texas based band. With Explosions in the Sky also hailing from […]

Mental Architects – Celebrations – 87%

This is a highly anticipated album for me from the Bulgarian Math Rockers Mental Architects ever since I learned Aaron Harris of ISIS was mixing it. I’m  definitely not disappointed, the mixing is just as great as the music itself. Strong emphasis on bass, intertwining guitar tracks sound spacious, drums sound natural. As for the […]

The Best Pessimist – Love Is… – 91%

What can I possibly say about The Best Pessimist? In just three short years we’ve seen 3 albums and 2 EP’s from the Ukraine workhorse. If Ben Sharp is the one-man guitar-driven Juggernaut, Sergey Lunev is the one-man electronic-driven mastermind counterpart. “Love Is…” clocks in at just over and hour and draws comparisons to The […]