The Best Pessimist – Love Is… – 91%

Love is... cover art

What can I possibly say about The Best Pessimist? In just three short years we’ve seen 3 albums and 2 EP’s from the Ukraine workhorse. If Ben Sharp is the one-man guitar-driven Juggernaut, Sergey Lunev is the one-man electronic-driven mastermind counterpart. “Love Is…” clocks in at just over and hour and draws comparisons to The American Dollar, The Album Leaf and Mono almost instantly as the album begins with a beautifully ambient and harmonic title track. This is the most beautiful album I have heard all year. The piano is sensual, the songs are lighthearted and inspirational, everything about “Love Is” seems almost magical. It really is the perfect blend of ambient, electronic and post-rock. In just 3 short years¬†Sergey has absolutely mastered his craft. It just doesn’t get much better then this. A must listen to masterpiece. 4-8-12

Available for $8 well spent on bandcamp: