Anathema – Weather Systems – 95%

Not Post-Rock. I don’t know what I could possibly be say about Anathema that hasn’t already been said or written. It’s amazing to me that this band has been around for nearly 20 years and just keeps getting better. When I discovered them in the early 2000’s I was blown away by¬† “A Natural Disaster” […]

Puzzle – Nothing but the rain – 87%

This is a 3 track 30 minute album from Puzzle, who hail from France. The band describes themselves as “Restful Post-Rock” and I tend to agree. “Nothing but the rain” is a brilliant explorative album that is on the more elegant side of the genre. The band draws comparisons to the likes of Mono, EITS […]

Beef Terminal – Known as the Rat EP – 90%

Who says good things don’t come from Canada? Beef Terminal come to us from Toronto and have an absolutely solid discography of ambient meets electronic work. I really dig the combination of the two since post-rock and electronic are two of my favorite genres at the moment. Despite only being 20 minutes long, this EP […]

Stories from the Lost – For Clouds – 88%

This album is absolutely great on all fronts. I really dig the way the band incorporates elements of downtempo electronic into the mix. The soundscapes are very spacious and imaginative leading your mind to wander. Stories from the Lost have just an incredibly refined sound that make them one of the more unique bands in […]

Storm Corrosion – Storm Corrosion – 87%

Storm Corrosion is the brainchild of Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt and Porcupine Tree mastermind Steven Wilson. When these two collaborate brilliant things tend to happen. Both of their influences and styles just bleed through in this eerie effort. Akerfeldt’s latest obsession with 70’s style vintage prog-rock and Wilson’s flare for deep sensual piano passages mesh […]

Terraformer – The Sea Shaper – 84%

Most of the tracks on this 12 track album are short, sweet and to the point. Guitar tones are alive and vibrant and the drums are very airy making for a great sound stage. I feel myself really getting lost in the music here, it’s a very unique form of heavy post-rock. This is a […]

Irreversible – Ashes – 85%

Here we have a 4 track 35 minute album by Irreversible, straight out of Atlanta. They bring a stoner / doomy vibe to their brand of post-metal. The opening licks of “Prime” are excellent, really great tone, really great vibe. The vocals are a little out of place in my opinion, they are far too […]

Sigur Ros – Valtari – 99%

Here we go with what is without question my most anticipated album of the year. Sigur Ros is truly a wonder of the world. Their music brings so much happiness and joy to the hearts of so many people with unique musical backgrounds. They’re one of those bands that transcend genres and their music is […]

Crimson Mourn – Bring Your Desires Here – 85%

Bring Your Desires Here is over 70 minutes of fine post-rock from Mauro Beltran, a 17 year old from Spain who plays under the band Crimson Mourn. Young Mauro has learned well and the fact that he is able to put out an album of this caliber at such a young age has me excited […]

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – Exegesis – 87%

I find it a little bit ironic that a band from the UK is named after something that happened in my backyard. I was a big fan of their 2009 album Collapse so I was pretty happy when this showed up on bandcamp earlier this year. Right away the album is more of that great […]